Installing ezjail and poudriere on same host

Mark Felder feld at
Thu Nov 7 17:14:05 UTC 2013

On Thu, Nov 7, 2013, at 10:16, bsd at wrote:
> Hi, 
> I need to install a compile environment to distribute my packages on my
> various servers. 
> One of the host I could potentially use is an ezjail server where there
> are few jails running… 
> Since poudriere also uses jail mechanism, I wanted to know if anyone has
> already used both on the same base host ? 
> I would like to avoid potential conflicts between two running instances
> both using jail mechanism in very different ways. 

This is no different than running multiple jails. They have their own
areas they work in, so there is no harm or conflict. From my main

tank/jails                     45.6G   496G   676K  /tank/jails
tank/jails/basejail             736M   496G   196M  /tank/jails/basejail
tank/jails/bip                  536M   496G   390M  /tank/jails/bip
tank/jails/buildjail           1.07G   496G  1.04G 
tank/jails/fulljail              49K   496G    31K  /tank/jails/fulljail
tank/jails/games               7.38G   496G  6.98G  /tank/jails/games
tank/jails/irc                 1021M   496G   885M  /tank/jails/irc
tank/jails/mailman              232M   496G   191M  /tank/jails/mailman
tank/jails/mysql               1.56G   496G  1.48G  /tank/jails/mysql
tank/jails/newjail             1.69M   496G  1.16M  /tank/jails/newjail
tank/jails/postgres             586M   496G   516M  /tank/jails/postgres
tank/poudriere                 8.40G   496G    33K  /tank/poudriere
tank/poudriere/data            2.93G   496G  2.08G 
tank/poudriere/jails           3.95G   496G    31K 
tank/poudriere/jails/100amd64   591M   496G   538M 
tank/poudriere/jails/91amd64    553M   496G   488M 
tank/poudriere/jails/91i386     507M   496G   450M 
tank/poudriere/jails/92amd64    548M   496G   506M 
tank/poudriere/jails/92i386     516M   496G   467M 
tank/poudriere/jails/head      1.30G   496G  1.08G 
tank/poudriere/ports           1.52G   496G    31K 
tank/poudriere/ports/default   1.52G   496G   744M 

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