BSD sleep

Jason Birch jbirch at
Wed May 29 11:58:17 UTC 2013

> Seriously, that explanation about different hours is not enough to prevent
> at least useful option.
> like
> sleep -f 1h
> (-f means force convert, without it you can see good explanation why sleep
> for 1 hour will be not sleep for 1 hour, and etc, and not get sleep at
> all.).

Do one thing, and do it well. What you have proposed involves:
 * an additional force flag
 * interpolation of what follows the force flag (does m mean minutes, or
 * expectations around time, time zones, and what an hours is.

That fails the litmus test on complexity for me personally - it seems like
a lot of complexity for not much gain.

> P.S. There is already non-portable feature in sleep - non-integer, and I'm
> sure that no one thought about some financists from various countries, who
> used to specify long numbers with separator, e.g. 3.600, and this means for
> them one hour and not 3 point 6 seconds.

This isn't a good reason for adding another non-portable feature.

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