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Alexander Yerenkow yerenkow at
Wed May 29 11:38:38 UTC 2013

>what is stopping from interpreting 1h in similar manner to 3600? i.e. from

No, this is user-friendly, and thus can't be done :)
But if think a second, sleep is used rarely by average users, mostly by
programmers and other scripts, and they should know better what they are

Seriously, that explanation about different hours is not enough to prevent
at least useful option.
sleep -f 1h
(-f means force convert, without it you can see good explanation why sleep
for 1 hour will be not sleep for 1 hour, and etc, and not get sleep at

Exact units in which sleeps happens (seconds, ticks, minutes, years) can be
described in manual page, even without accepting m,h - that info would be
useful for one.

P.S. There is already non-portable feature in sleep - non-integer, and I'm
sure that no one thought about some financists from various countries, who
used to specify long numbers with separator, e.g. 3.600, and this means for
them one hour and not 3 point 6 seconds.

Alexander Yerenkow

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