Hot Swapping SATA drive?

Quartz quartz at
Sat May 18 23:20:25 UTC 2013

>> You need the sata ports running in straight up pure ahci mode (as
>> opposed to "IDE mode" or "compatible" or something that emulates old
>> style parallel-ata).
> OK.  Thanks Quartz,.  I'll make it a point to check for that.

The wording on different bios' can often be confusing. I've seen ahci 
mode referred to on one board as "native mode" but on a different system 
it's referred to as "enhanced" (where "normal" is emulation), and other 
oddisims. Double check your mobo manual and find the chapter that talks 
about it.

>> You'll also almost certainly want to disable any motherboard-based raid
>> options too, as they tend to be complete crap.
> OK.  I never use RAID in any form anyway, so it probably is already
> disabled, but I'll make a point to double check.

A word of warning: Not all boards do things *right*, so it pays to test. 
I've encountered systems where you get gpt checksum errors and stuff 
when ahci is on because the board masks part of the drive for its 
fake-raid stuff even if you have fake-raid supposedly turned off.

it has a certain smooth-brained appeal

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