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Fri Mar 29 00:53:20 UTC 2013

Waitman Gobble
San Jose California USA
On Mar 28, 2013 3:03 PM, "Jeff Belyea" <jbelyea5 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a new computer with windows 8, which I hate with a passion. I don't
> play music and I don't do a lot of pictures. Basically I only search, some
> EBay and games. Can I replace win8 with BSD?

yes, but first snoop around bios admin screens for uefi settings (might not
actually say uefi but something else, and might be in the back 40 so the
motherboard manual might help).

also might be good to figure out if someone could possibly decide that your
machine qualifies as a mobile device, disrupting its planned operation
could cause an issue)

Waitman Gobble
San Jose California

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