Copying memstick image to a USB (flash/thumb) drive

Quartz quartz at
Thu Mar 28 08:27:51 UTC 2013

> I have filed the following PR:

Er, don't take my word for law: I have *no* idea if 1M is a good idea 
for most systems, I'm not even sure if it's optimal for mine. I did a 
single test with three random values at different orders of magnitude 
and picked the fastest. I do think that 10k is probably way under the 
right value, but someone should do proper testing on a variety of 
hardware before changing all the docs.

As for the conv=sync option, I'm not convinced it's necessary either 
way. I've dd'd zillions of images to various media over the years and 
have never specified a conv parameter and I've never had problems. I 
don't think modern systems really care what the end is padded with 
(provided nothing is corrupt of course). Someone with more experience 
would need to chime in on this.

it has a certain smooth-brained appeal

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