Copying memstick image to a USB (flash/thumb) drive

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Thu Mar 28 06:45:18 UTC 2013

In message <5153A2FD.8020804 at>, you wrote:

>>      Why exactly is the "bs=10240" is there?  Wouldn't the default of 512
>>      do just as well?
>Modern systems can read and write far more than 512 bytes per operation. 
>Sticking with 512 would work perfectly fine, but you'd be imposing an 
>unnecessary bottleneck and the copy would be a lot slower overall. 
>Whether 10K is optimal or not depends on the exact hardware you're 
>messing with (it looks pretty low to me, I'd suggest more like 1M).

I agree.  And 10 kibibytes is probably quite a bit less than optimal.

I have filed the following PR:

Thank you for your reply.


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