how run snort in quiet and deamon mode

s m sam.gh1986 at
Mon Mar 18 11:12:45 UTC 2013

great!! "snort -q &" runs snort in daemon and silent mode as i expected:)

thank you so much

On 3/17/13, Polytropon <freebsd at> wrote:
> On Sun, 17 Mar 2013 12:15:53 +0330, s m wrote:
>> hello guys
>> i have a freebsd8.2 and wanna run snort on it. my snort version is
>> i want to run snort in deamon mode and quietly. man page says
>> that "D" flag is for running snort in deamon mode and "q" flag is to
>> run it quietly(do not show startup message). my problem is, these two
>> flag can not work together. when i run "snort -q -D" or "snort -D -q",
>> snort run in deamon mode but some startup messages are shown. when i
>> run "snort -q" no message is shown.
>> i know it is so simple issue but i do not know how to do that. any
>> hints or comments are appreciated.
> Maybe you can start the program as a (quite) background process?
> 	snort -q &
> If you encounter issues related to "controlling terminal disconnect",
> you can use the system's "daemon" command to basically do what -D
> would do, or use the port "detach".
> 	daemon snort -q
> See "man daemon" for options you might need to add.
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