What is your favorite board for a micro system?

Jason Fortezzo fortezza at mechanicalism.net
Mon Mar 11 23:16:33 UTC 2013

On Sat, Mar 09, 2013 at 12:53:27AM +0100, Erik N?rgaard wrote:
> What is your favorite mini/micro/nano/pico-itx platform for home projects?
> I currently run a home server on an Intel mini-itx board but was
> looking around for something fun to play with with the following
> specs:
> - mini-itx or smaller, low profile
> - fanless
> - low power 12V external PSU
> - 1 LAN, preferably 2
> - 2 USB2/3
> - Flash bootable, but with option for hdd boot
> - GPIO would be fun
> - hdmi out would be nice

I'm using the Intel DQ77KB Thin Mini ITX board and it almost meets all of your
criteria.  The heatsink has a fan but it is silent (even after 12 hours
of Prime95).  This board has AMT so when used with a vPro capable CPU
(I'm using an i7-3770S), you get all sorts of nifty OOB features.

I'm using ESXi 5.1 right now but I'm pretty sure it would boot FreeBSD

Jason Fortezzo
fortezza at mechanicalism.net

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