FreeBSD 9 and Windows XP

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> Good afternoon, FreeBSD enthusiasts.  Can FreeBSD 9.1 be installed
> on a computer on which Windows XP currently resides?  If so, how
> can this installation be done?  In particular, is there a way to
> install 9.1 so that it can be booted from the traditional master
> boot record?  It is important that, when I am done, I can still
> boot to Windows XP, as I must run some applications not available
> on FreeBSD.  If the idea I am proposing is not feasible with
> version 9.1, will it work with 8.3?  Any comments are appreciated.
> If this question has already been asked many times before, please
> just let me know where to look to find the answer.  Thanks.
> Newbie502

When I did it, I shrunk the Windows partition and installed FreeBSD
to the a new partition created on the free space of the drive. The
multiboot version of the MBR stuff for FreeBSD should be able to
handle it for you with out issue. I've not done it with 9.1, but when
I did it with 6 way back when, it worked nicely.
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