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Istvan Gabor suseuser04 at
Thu Mar 7 21:42:51 UTC 2013

2013. március 5. 23:44 napon Любомир Григоров <nm.knife at> írta:

> I have been trying to find a way to connect to a PPTP or L2TP VPN for over
> a year now. There is no GUI client that I know of and any text
> configuration I try with pptpclient fails.
> How can I connect to a VPN, the fast way as in Windows, OS X and GNU/Linux.
> I have the following information (no internal IP's or ranges or NAT):
> Gateway - I have the URL to connect to, I suppose I can map it to IP
> Username
> Password
> Use point-to-point encryption (MPPE)
> Allow BSD data compression
> Allow deflate data compression
> Use TCP header compression
> How can I connect to the VPN with just this information above? Everything I
> find requires internal IP's, ranges, NAT and other things making a 5 second
> gui configuration take months. The VPN server supports PPTP and L2TP as
> mentioned. Any advice on how I can connect will be helpful.


I too had problems with vpn in FreeBSD 9.0 RELEASE.
I don't know specifically about PPTP or L2TP, but there is
vpn over ipsec. Fot that you need to customize and rebuild
your kernel.
FreeBSD handbook says:

To add IPsec support to your kernel, add the following options to your
kernel configuration file:

options   IPSEC        #IP security
device    crypto


After this install shrew vpn client.

Once more, I don't know whether this is relevant in any way in
your case but that's how I solved vpn to cisco server earlier.


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