question, following error Shared object "" not found, required by "fortune"

Polytropon freebsd at
Sat Jun 29 15:58:33 UTC 2013

On Sat, 29 Jun 2013 10:48:38 -0400, Rev Herbert Miller wrote:
> I was trying to use the content management system for our website. 
> I needed to restart on terminal but I keep coming up with the
> following error:  I don't know programing at all, so don't know
> if this is something I can fix.

In worst case, notify your system administrator.

> Shared object "" not found, required by "fortune"

This kind of error often indicates an incomplete system update
were libraries are "out of date" or missing. What way of system
update has been performed?

> root at psumc:/usr/local/tomcat5.5 # bin/
> Neither the JAVA_HOME nor the JRE_HOME environment variable is defined
> At least one of these environment variable is needed to run this program

That can be a side effect, maybe some accidentally overwritten
configuration file or a program that's unable to run due to a
missing dependency?

What happens if you manually define those variables to the proper
valies and try again, e. g.

	# setenv JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/<where your JAVA stuff is>
	# setenv JRE_HOME=/usr/local/<where your runtime lives>
	# bin/startup,sh

Does this produce a different result?

> root at psumc:/usr/local/tomcat5.5 # su -c 'killall -9 java'

That command doesn't make sense. The prompt indicates that you
are already root. The -c parameter for the su command is missing
an argument, the class". See "man su" for details, no programming
knowledge required. ;-)

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