FreeBSD maximum password length

Eduardo Morras emorrasg at
Mon Jun 17 14:47:53 UTC 2013

On Mon, 17 Jun 2013 17:49:56 +0330
takCoder <tak.official at> wrote:
> I need to moderate the input password in my system's user interface. And I
> believe i have tested longer passwords than that, about 1000 characters
> long, and there was no limitations, via using this command in a /bin/sh
> test shell script : "echo PASSWORD | pw user mod USER -h 0".

If I remember well, any password longer than default size is truncated, so passwords

a) 'AhN12Njufsn8794432kjfvsnkkJHNDSMNDKh844mNJKnhjhu8u8424'
b) 'AhN12Njufsn8794432kj'

have the same salt hash value and both validate the user.

> Thank you :)

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