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Sun Jul 21 21:31:44 UTC 2013

On Sun, 21 Jul 2013 19:40:24 +0200
Roland Smith articulated:

> On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 03:18:19PM -0400, Jerry wrote:
> > I am looking for an application that can convert a standard "flat"
> > PDF file into an "interactive" PDF. I can locate several that work
> > under MS Windows, including Acrobat XI; however, I was trying to
> > find one that will work under KDE on FreeBSD.
> A lot of those kinds of features are only supported by acrobat reader.
> E.g. with KDE's Okular, annotations, forms and playing movies are
> listed as in development (see
> Furthermore, it seems that the PDF viewer often needs javascript
> built-in and enabled for them to work. Few open source PDF readers
> support that, because it can be a huge security risk. The
> graphics/mupdf port supports it, but the port is built _without_
> javascript by default.
> Using e.g. print/pdftk you can uncompress the streams in a PDF file,
> so you can edit it in any editor. This would allow you to see which
> stream contains javascript. Using that and the relevant adobe
> documentation, you should be able to add javascript to your own pdf
> files.

I am think about giving "print/scribus-devel" a try out. "Acrobat XI"
is a pretty nice application, but if I could find something that worked
in a similar fashion for a non Windows system, it would be nice. The
work I am doing is for a municipality, so cost is not an issue, job
security is. If I can do the same job on a non Windows machine, the odds
of someone else being able to do the same thing are greatly reduced. If
I use Acrobat XI, anyone would be able to do the job making my presents
less of an issue.

Jerry ♔

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