[SOLVED] Prevent starting network on fwe0 and fwip0

Martin Alejandro Paredes Sanchez mapsware at prodigy.net.mx
Sun Jul 21 04:50:38 UTC 2013

On Saturday 18 May 2013 16:57:31 Martin Alejandro Paredes Sanchez wrote:
> Hi:
> How can I prevent the start of network on fwe0 and fwip0?
> fwe0: Ethernet over FireWire
> fwip0: IP over FireWire
> I notice that the lines apear after DEVD is started
> Is there a trick for DEVD?

I created the /usr/local/etc/devd/firewire.conf file with

notify 0 {
	match "system"		"IFNET";
	match "subsystem"	"(fwe0|fwip0)";

With this, FreeBSD do not start the network on fwe0 and fwip0

You won't see

Starting Network: fwe0
Starting Network: fwip0

But this drivers are loaded (fwe0 and fwip0), with ifconfig you can see the 
configuration of them


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