to gmirror or to ZFS

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> Hi--
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> wrote:
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> > I would us a zfs for the os.
> > I have a couple of servers that did not survive a power failure with
> > gmirror.
> > The problems i had was when the power failed one disk was in a rebuilding
> > state and then when the background fsck started or was busy for some time
> > it would crash the whole server.
> Well, "don't do that".  :-)

When the server reboots because of a powerfailure at night, then it boots.
Then it starts to rebuild the mirror on its own, and later the fsck kicks

Not much i can do about it.

Maybe i should have done it without the automatic attachment for a new

> Seriously, bring up the box on one disk, force a foreground fsck if needed
> to get the filesystem to known clean state, and then rebuild the mirror.
> Mixing the mirror rebuild with something like an fsck will just thrash the
> disks.
> [ ... ]
> > Before people tell me to use an UPS, i used a UPS but the damn thing gave
> > way itself.  Then after it came back from the warranty repair it gave
> way again.
> Grr.  That's when you want find another UPS vendor.
Is apc not the right choice?
I think i got a monday morning model.
Some times things fail!

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> -Chuck

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