prevent ip conflict in dhcp client

Eugene genie at
Thu Jul 11 10:36:52 UTC 2013

Hi Sam,

Actually I think this is wrong approach. Correctly configured networks 
should be consistent and should not need such 'fixes'. Also you should 
observe the IP provided by upstream DHCP server otherwise it is an 
invitation for trouble (both technical and possibly legal).
Are the 'other' interfaces in your internal networks? Then you should change 
them to use different address block from that used in your provider's 
network (there are many address blocks for private networks).
And/or you should talk to your admin and discuss the address policy, maybe 
they can give you a fixed address.

Best wishes

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Subject: prevent ip conflict in dhcp client

hello all

i have a question about dhcp client. i want to know if there is any way to
understand the ip address which is offered by server before it assigned to
the interface.
i have a freebsd system which one of its interfaces should get ip address
from dhcp server whereas other interfaces have ip addresses and their ip
address change many times. so i want to prevent ip conflict.  is there any
way to prevent ip conflict in this situation?
i think the best way is to know the ip address which is offered by dhcp
server before assigning it to interface  and check if it has conflict with
others or not. is it possible? if yes, how i can do this?

any comments or hints are appreciated.
thanks in advance
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