Redmine rmagick dependencies

Kozlov Sergey kozlov.sergey.404 at
Tue Jul 9 19:09:34 UTC 2013

Hi all. This is my first post.

Recently the redmine port was updated to 2.3.1 and when i tried to install
it i've noticed that it has two rmagick dependencies -
ruby-rmagick(optional) and rubygem-rmagick(non-optional).
ruby-rmagic and rubygem-rmagick ports have the same COMMENT and VERSION so
i have some questions:

1) What's the difference between ruby-rmagick and rubygem-rmagick?
2) Why does redmine need rubygem-rmagick even if i turn rmagick option off
(is it a bug)?

Before the port was updated i've installed redmine dependencies using
bundler, and i had no rmagick at all while redmine working properly.

Best regards,
Kozlov Sergey.

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