We provide you with business documents of almost every kind

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Tue Jul 9 10:59:51 UTC 2013

   A company uses documents to communicate, transact business and analyze
   its productivity. Since documents provide proof of an organization's
   dealings and may be referred to for years to come, it is important that
   they be well written. We provide you with business documents of almost
   every kind. With over 1200 business documents that are well written,
   you will find them very useful.
   To view the complete list of documents that we have,  Please go to
   The costs for all the 1200 business documents templates is Kshs
   For payments please go to [2]http://www.cissap.com/pricing.htm
   CISSAP portfolio of business document templates contains a wide
   selection of business contract templates, agreements, forms, policies,
   statements and letters. Find documents for almost every kind of
   business such as purchase orders, partnership agreements, loan
   agreements, applications, and bill of sale.
   For the price of a single document, you get hundreds business documents
   templates, 24/7. Professionally drafted and simple to use and edit,
   these business contracts and legal templates are an essential, quality
   and affordable resource for any business or organization.
   Moses M. Ndivo
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   these emails to all those people whom we find eligible of using our
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   not contact you again for this matter), please go to


   1. http://www.cissap.com/document-list.htm
   2. http://www.cissap.com/pricing.htm
   3. http://www.cissap.com/unsubscribe.htm

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