UEFI Secure Boot

Sergio de Almeida Lenzi lenzi.sergio at gmail.com
Mon Jul 8 22:24:06 UTC 2013


You can call me naive, but until today,

I could not find only a one user that wants to use FreeBSD and/or LInux
AND windows
in any machine I mount/sold, and I have mount it by the dozen,
servers running FreeBSD, notebooks running a custom version of Arch

In the freeBSD servers, when a user needs windows for some reason 
mainly access bank account or enterprise small business
I use Virtualbox and I offer him NT2003 server (32 bits), windows 7(64)
windows XP(32). all work fine with a server running FreeBSD 9, 16GB of
500GB of zfs mirrored disks. 
This small server, running on an AMD FX8120 (8cores) processor costs
about U$600
and can hold 40 users running on the virtualbox NT 2003... without
and the FreeBSD part can hold gnome 2.32, pf, webserver, firewall, dhcp,
server, scanner, wireless server, vpn, vlan, asterisk for telephony,
even a cloud server running on top of
apache using webdav...

On the notebooks, the Arch linux runs like a charm, very fast....
with the FreeBSD server. if a user needs access to the company software
or bank software(that runs only on IE8)
a rdesktop session is used (tsclient).

Besides the FreeBSD does "diskless"  stations too..

So the question:  
Why  or when will I need an secure UEFI boot???

Thank you for ANY comment...


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