X client without X server

Eugene genie at geniechka.ru
Wed Jul 3 16:06:53 UTC 2013


It is usually not about disk space (though that is also not exactly free and 
unlimited either), but about compilation/update delays, ease of management, 
additional security risks, additional ways to fail for the system as a 
whole, etc.
Not to mention simple elegance.

Best wishes

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Just my 2¢ worth on this. Sure, one always wants to keep overhead low. But 
the days of limited RAM, small hard drives, etc...are long since behind us. 
I remember in 1994 when and IT consultant came in and built a Novell server 
for us with a whopping 1 GB hard drive. And back then how we thought with a 
1 GB hard drive we'd never run out of space. Well these days one could 
easily run out of space with such a small hard drive. But with today's 
systems having 2 or 3 TB drives and GB's of RAM, something as trivial as 
X-Server should not be a problem. If you don't need it, don't run it. But to 
worry about the space it takes up is kind of a moot point these days. And 
like some of the other replies mentioned, xterm may not require it, but one 
of xterm's dependencies may. I run Asterisk routinely on my systems and I'm 
always amazed at how installing one port requires no less than 38 other 
ports to be installed as well.

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