Unsigned artist wins Gold at Cannes Lions - worlds biggest advertising award

nick at landscapetv.com nick at landscapetv.com
Mon Jul 1 23:17:34 UTC 2013

Susannah Austin won a Cannes Gold Lion this last week for writing the
lyrics and singing her song "Auto Tune" for the global Dove brand
commercial. The award is likened to winning gold at the olympics as it
is open to all advertising agencies world-wide to enter and considered
the top advertising award in the industry. The following week the same
song was awarded an Aerial.



Susannah is the daughter of Claire Hamill, the legendary Island
Records recording artist (Geronino's Cadillac). Her album, currently
being recorded in the UK for autumn release, is being produced by
Tymon Dogg of the Clash. UK executive manager Nick Austin, who set up
the Beggars Banquet Records Group with Martin Mills and who runs the
Landscape Channel television channel says "Susannah has the voice of
an angel and the power of Adele. Anyone who is seriously involved in A
and R should listen to her album as there cant be many artists they
will work with who walk in the door of the music business with the
contacts that Susannah has under her belt. The one thing you can be
certain of is she will be heard and seen in most major world
territories very soon. We are actively looking for a major label to
follow through on the work done to date. Contact me for details".

Contact Nick Austin: +44 1424 830628

Editors Note: No autotune will be used on the forthcoming Susannah
Austin album.

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