Fat Fingered An 'rm -rf' of Important Files

Joseph A. Nagy, Jr jnagyjr1978 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 03:09:08 UTC 2013

Okay, I know I should pay more attention to what I'm doing, and having 
separate partitions isn't an excuse for regular backups. If we can skip 
the finger wagging on that part I'd appreciate it.

Here is what happened. I was mounting a thumb drive and I was wanting to 
'rm -rf' what was on it (it doesn't matter if I was root or not, I gave 
the directories I mount to in /mnt user:usergroup permissions so it 
would have happened regardless). Because I was having a conversation 
with my wife, balancing my laptop, and trying to do this, I deleted the 
contents of /mnt/business (important business documents, journaled 
partition) and /mnt/storage (4GB irreplaceable photos, all my music (all 
replaceable once I get my super-multi-format (dvd+/-/cd/rw), and other 
various files (sermons, notes on sermons, bible study notes, and more), 
irreplaceable videos and more all gone (in total about 63GiB of files).

Is there any way to retrieve any of them? I've not wrote any data to 
either partition since the accidental deletion. None of my other 
filesystems (/ and /usr/local/home/*) were affected by my stupidity.
Yours in Christ,

Joseph A Nagy Jr
"Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, But he who hates correction
is stupid." -- Proverbs 12:1
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