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dteske at freebsd.org dteske at freebsd.org
Wed Feb 27 22:11:29 UTC 2013

Got it... (script inline below)

The first (and only) argument is to be a path to a 4.11 jail's root directory.
For example, if you take a FreeBSD-4 box and rsync it to "/usr/jails/myold4box"
on a FreeBSD-8 machine, you should then execute:

update411binaries.sh /usr/jails/myold4box

Then just configure the jail and fire it up. Of course, these are vnet jails.

Further instructions on http://druidbsd.sf.net/vimage.shtml with my vimage
package here: http://druidbsd.sf.net/download.shtml#vimage



if [ "$( id -u )" != "0" ]; then
        echo "Must run as root!" >&2
        exit 1

if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then
        echo "Usage: $0 directory" >&2
        exit 1

if [ ! -d "$dir" ]; then
        echo "$dir: No such file or directory" >&2
        exit 1

mkdir -p "$dir/libexec" "$dir/lib" "$dir/usr/lib"
for file in \
        /bin/ps                         \
        /libexec/ld-elf.so.1            \
        /lib/libm.so.5                  \
        /lib/libkvm.so.5                \
        /lib/libc.so.7                  \
        /sbin/ifconfig                  \
        /lib/libbsdxml.so.4             \
        /lib/libjail.so.1               \
        /lib/libsbuf.so.5               \
        /lib/libipx.so.5                \
        /sbin/route                     \
        /usr/bin/top                    \
        /lib/libncurses.so.8            \
        /usr/bin/netstat                \
        /usr/lib/libmemstat.so.3        \
        /lib/libutil.so.8               \
        /usr/lib/libnetgraph.so.4       \
; do
        cp -pfv "$file" "$dir$file"

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> Please do share with us.

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