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Fri Feb 22 02:30:10 UTC 2013

On Wed, 20 Feb 2013 15:52:39 -0800, Ronald F. Guilmette wrote:
> I am not a happy camper.
> Now that I've ``upgraded'' from 8.3-RELEASE to 9.1-RELEASE it appears that
> good old burncd no longer works, apparently because the CD/DVD drive is
> now exclusively handled as an ATAPICAM device.

That was to be expected.

> So I try to use cdrecord and I get this:
> # cdrecord dev=0,0,0 driveropts=burnfree FreeBSD-9.1-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso

Try instead:

# cdrecord dev=0,0,0 speed=12 -v -eject -tao -data <file>

Some drives get crazy when you don't provide a slow burning
speed. Add other options (burnfree) if needed.

Just for comparison: If you want to burn a music CD:

# cdrecord dev=0,0,0 speed=12 -v -eject -dao -audio <track>

You can see the obvious difference -data vs. -audio, but also
-tao (track at once) vs -dao (disk at once).

> cdrecord: The current problem looks like a buffer underrun.

Is your drive faster than your disk which "hands in" the data?
Try to reduce the writing speed.

> cdrecord: It looks like 'driveropts=burnfree' does not work for this drive.

A clear message. You can use the -prcap option to find out
what your recorder will support; see "man cdrecord" for

> So, um, WTF?  To whom am supposed to "report" this failure?

To your superior. :-)

> And more to the point, how can I burn a simple damn CD now?

Try the command mentioned above. I've left burncd somewhere
in FreeBSD 5 and I'm now using cdrecord exclusively. When run
as a !root user, make sure permissions to access the recorder
are set properly. Maybe add an alias for your dialog shell.

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