cdrecord: Please report.

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Thu Feb 21 21:22:50 UTC 2013

First let me say "Thank you!" to everyone who responded.

Several people asked if I got my cdrecord from ports or packages.
It was/is freshly built from ports.  (I don't use packages anymore,
because I always want the latest and greatest for all my ports.)

Anyway, after I posted here, I did dutifully report the problem/issue
I encountered to both the FreeBSD package maintainer and also to
the guy who seems (based on the content of the web site mentioned
in the FreeBSD port Makefile) to be the actual author of cdrecord.

After that, I did solve my problem.  Thankfully, I had a rather
newer CD/DVD writer drive lying around... newer than the one on
which I had experienced the cdrecord failure... so I took down
the machine in question and swaped that one in and then tried again.
And sure enough, now I can record CDs just fine.

Sigh.  I guess it serves me right for being a cheapskate and always
trying to get by with older equipment.

But still, the original drive on which I experienced the failure
is not really THAT old.  I'm looking at it now and it says right on
the top "MANUFACTURED February 2006".

OK, so it _is_ PATA, rather than SATA (like the one I have now
replaced it with) but still, I mean geeeezzzz.  The thing is only
7 years old.  If it had been from the prior century, then I could
understand it not being supported.

Well, I suppose that I can't bitch and/or moan too awful much.
I see that a local retailer is having a sale and I can now pick
up a brand new LG CD/DVD burner... with MDISK capability even...
not that I'm at all likely to ever use that... for only $14.99.

So out with the old and in with the new... I guess.


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