Input subsystem comparable to linux planned

Jan Beich jbeich at
Tue Feb 19 08:01:01 UTC 2013

Martin Laabs <info at> writes:

> Hi,
> maybe you know the input subsystem of linux that is very flexible in terms
> of various input data interpretations.
> Are there plans to implement something comparable into the freebsd system?
> The background is, that I currently write a joystick driver supporting USB
> joysticks for FreeBSD.
> At the moment it supports the joystick api from linux which makes it easy
> to port i.e. plib to use it.
> I however would also like to support the input subsystem API which is some
> what more complicated. So - before writing some emulating code for the
> linuxulator I wanna ask if it is planned to put something equal into the
> freebsd kernel.

webcamd already provides support for linux input API for at least one
type of input devices - wacom tablets. There is also preliminary support
for joydev (ulinux at r2494). But a lot of devices including usb joysticks
and non-wacom tablets use hid-core.c rather than their own driver...

And if you mean the approach that can be used by the console driver
there was GSoC 2007, not sure what happened thereafter.

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