bsd lost partition recovery

takCoder tak.official at
Sun Feb 17 09:27:15 UTC 2013

hi everyone,

maybe this question is somehow off-topic but now i'm in an urgent need of
any recommendations..

*here's the question:*
how to restore lost data of a formatted bsd partition?!

*and here's what has happened to me:*
i was trying to install windows xp sp2 on a HD on my system to move it to
another hardware after that for some reasons, but i had my main HD attached
to may system as well..

all of a sudden i made the worst misktake ever and formatted my main HD's
bsd partition instead!!!

would someone please tell me how can i restore it?? i'm really in need of
my data there and have no idea right now..

Best Regards,

P.S. i'm asking this question here cause i thought it may need a special
tool to recover freebsd formatted lost data.. i had no time for googling it
till now..i'm going to do that now.. sorry for taking your time..

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