Trouble with kleopatra

Andre Goree andre at
Sun Feb 17 04:47:28 UTC 2013

Also posting this to questions as it's regarding the building of a port
and possibly modifying a makefile.

So I'm having trouble getting Kleopatra to work correctly on my
8.3-STABLE/kde4.9.5 system.  There are a three errors posted, the first
of which is my main concern.  Please see this [1] screenshot.

Now, I've built gpgme w/GNUPG2 support, which -- as far as I can tell --
should also enable gpgsm by the looks of this section of the Makefile:

BUILD_DEPENDS+= gpg2:${PORTSDIR}/security/gnupg
RUN_DEPENDS+=   gpg2:${PORTSDIR}/security/gnupg
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--with-gpg=${LOCALBASE}/bin/gpg2 \
.if exists(${LOCALBASE}/bin/gpgsm)

So I can't understand why I'm receiving the error "A problem was
detected with the gpgsm backend.  It seems that the gpgme library was
compiled without support for this backend...Replace the gpgme library
with a version compiled with gpgsm support."

Can/should I explicitly enable gpgsm by editing the Makefile?  The
binary doesn't appear to be generated after compiling the port:
[agoree at desktop agoree]$ ll /usr/local/bin/gpgsm
ls: /usr/local/bin/gpgsm: No such file or directory

Though, there is "/usr/local/bin/"

Just looking to be pointed in the right direction here, thanks everyone.
 The other errors we'll deal with if I cannot figure it out on my own :)


EDIT:  Just realized that section of the Makefile does NOT install
gpgsm, it only enables gpgsm support if it already currently exists.
Should I [somehow] build gpgsm from source (if possible), then retry
building gpgme?  Toeing a 'psearch gpgsm' returns no results, even with
'-s' option, so I'm assuming this is my only recourse to get gpgsm

Andre Goree
andre at

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