multiple ACEs with the same ACL qualifier

Edward Tomasz Napierała trasz at
Fri Feb 8 17:50:38 UTC 2013

Wiadomość napisana przez Harald Schmalzbauer w dniu 8 lut 2013, o godz. 17:54:
> Hello,
> I'd like to duplicate the following ACL:
> # file: /data/shared/
> # owner: harry
> # group: harry
>     group:1stgroup:r-x---a-R-c--s:fd----:allow
>     group:2ndgroup:rwxp--a-R-c--s:-d----:allow
>     group:2ndgroup:----D---------:-d----:deny
>     group:2ndgroup:r-----a-R-c--s:f-i---:allow
>            owner@:rwxpDdaARWcCos:fd----:allow
>            group@:r-xp--a-R-c--s:fd----:allow
>         everyone@:--------------:fd----:allow
> So there are two "group:2ndgroup:::allow" entries.
> While it's annoying that I can't modify one specific of these with "-m"
> (both get altered without warning/confirmation reques), I also can't use
> "-M" to apply it read from file.
> Are there any workarrounds?

Please use "-a" and "-x" instead.  The "-m" was fine for POSIX.1e ACLs,
where you never have more than one entry per principal and the ordering
doesn't matter.

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