NcFTPd on 9.1 64-bit

Jim Pazarena fquest at
Fri Feb 8 02:01:22 UTC 2013

Jim Pazarena wrote, On 2013-01-27 7:58 PM:
> I have found that on the two machines which I installed 9.1 on, NcFTPd
> fails system logins for non-root attempts with "Password wrong for user
> XXXX from"
> These are logins which previously on 9.0 worked as expected, and now
> fail on 9.1.
> Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions? Thanks!

No one has answered on this question, and support at
is also silent.

I *do* see an error go by during boot, which states
"unable to open /etc/auth.conf"

FreeBSD 9.1 does not HAVE auth.conf (9.0 DOES)

failing getting NcFTPd working, what is the next ftpd recommended ?

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