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Sun Feb 3 13:23:58 UTC 2013

Nick K wrote:
> I am posting here hoping that a "Dan" from still monitors this
> mailing list.
> I am in a very bad situation and my mail forwarding has been down for over
> a week -- no response from ZoneEdit support.
> I found references to people getting help from "Dan" here:
> My issue(s):
> 1.) I can't login to's "new" interface.  I used to be able to
> log in to the "legacy" interface -- but apparently I'm in the same boat as
> Mr. Jack L. Stone was -- in that you can no longer manage zones from the
> legacy interface.
> The legacy interface tells me my account is active at the new interface,
> but the new interface tells me my account does not even exist.
> 2.) My mail forwarding service provided by stopped working
> approximately last week monday.  It has been working fine since 2002.
>  Don't you just love it when this stuff happens.
> 3.) I can't change my DNS / mail forwarding service, because the email I
> used for my domain registration at my registrar is one of the emails that
> gets forwarded (and the forwarding is not working).
> If Jack L. Stone or "Dan" from ZoneEdit can get in contact with me I would
> be very grateful.
> I don't know what else to do at this point.
> The company that currently owns ZoneEdit (Dotster) won't help me -- they
> say they don't have the ability to provide support for ZoneEdit customers.
> This is my last hope pretty much.  Dan or Jack if you're out there, please
> get back to me.
> surge3 at

Have you tried to create a new account on the new interface and try to 
access your domains from there?

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