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A> On Saturday 02 February 2013 14:19:17 Polytropon wrote:
A> > On Sat, 02 Feb 2013 05:35:46 -0600, ajtiM wrote:
A> > > Looks like Opera has problem autodetect on KDE but not in
A> > > Fluxbox.
A> > 
A> > This is because Fluxbox is neither KDE or Gnome. :-)
A> > 
A> > But simply coredumping is a bad "default value" for how to act
A> > when not using KDE or Gnome. I'm using Opera on WindowMaker
A> > here for many years without that specific error (11.50 at the
A> > moment), so maybe another sign for disimproved software... :-(
A> As I remember a "problem" started with Opera 12?? (I forgot which
A> one but 12 for sure).

For me problems started with 12.10 (12.12 currently). After some update
opera wouldn't start anymore. It simply bailed out saying "failed to
setup core".

I never had the time to nail the reason down exactly. Had something to
do with gstreamer and xorg stuff updates. Right now on 9.1 it is
running and I hope it will stay that way.



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