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Sat Feb 2 13:16:42 UTC 2013

On Fri, 01 Feb 2013 19:42:19 -0600, ajtiM wrote:
> Hi!
> I use Opera 12.12. I use KDE 4 and Fluxbox.
> In operaprefs.ini I have
> [File Selector]
> Dialog Toolkit=4
> which help me that Opera works othervise I get:
> libpng error: incorrect data check
> libpng error: incorrect data check
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
> This happened on KDE but without above lines in operaprefs.ini, Opera works 
> without problem on Fluxbox.
> What is different, please?

I don't see an obvious difference except that "something"
seems to be wrong with your PNG library. Is everything
in sync? Or is some mechanism relying on libpng malfunctioning
somewhere else?

Regarding Opera: For better integration with desktop
environments newer versions can "emulate" the DE's native
dialogs instead of using its own one (which was superior
in functionality).

If you enter "about:config" in your address bar and search
for "toolkit", you will find the corresponding setting with
the following explanation:

	File dialog toolkit 
	  0 = Autodetect toolkit to use for file selector
	  1 = Use Qt for file selector (deprecated, will fall back to KDE)
	  2 = Use GTK for file selector
	  3 = Use KDE for file selector
	  4 = Use X11 for file selector

Maybe this causes trouble in your specific "non-mainstream"
setting? However I can't imagine how...

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