Running FreeBSD for my personal website: collocation, cloud, etc.

Aryeh Friedman aryeh.friedman at
Tue Dec 31 14:17:04 UTC 2013

> 1. Buy and run machines from home and figure out a scheme to deal with
> my dynamic ip address

> 3. Cloud (which I don't understand)

You might want to consider combining the two by running a mini-cloud on
your home machines, thereby possibly cutting down on the number of machines
you would have to buy.  Take a look at ... we
released PetiteCloud 0.2 just today.  PetiteCloud is a free open-source
(BSD license) front end to bhyve, which enables you to run multiple virtual
machine on one machine.  You will need FreeBSD 10 for this, though, and you
will need to buy machines with Intel CPU's that support EPT ("Extended Page
Tables").  Once you buy the machines, you will need to enable hardware
virtualizing in the BIOS (it's disabled by default on most motherboards).

Let me step back and explain cloud computing a little:

1. The basic idea is to divide one or more real machines upto into many VM's
2. You then hook up external "services" like networking (access to the
physical network at the most basic level and full firewall/DMZ
configuration on the other) and storage (NAS's and such) to the VM's
3. This is all done via a hypervisor such as bhyve

PetiteCloud plans to support the "services" part in the next few minor

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