Remapkey spanish keyboard

Isma Tim ismatim at
Sat Dec 28 12:35:29 UTC 2013

Hi FreeBSD,

This is my first question in the post. I've made a research before to make
a question. After the installation, some keys of my keyboard wasn't well
mapped. So I started to do it manually. Using kbdcontrol -l mykey_spanish.
I could map keys like '<', '>'; but the problem comes when I want to map
keys like ´ñ´ or ´Ñ´ in ASCII its values are 164, and 165 respectively. I
edited the file mapkey file in the column base, with the scan code 039, and
replace the value for the ascii value. I reloaded again with the kbdcontrol
command; but in the screen appears \244 when I pressed the key. Later, I
replaced for the 'dtil' value, and then with 241 without luck. So:

How it must to be setup?


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