Desktop system fails to show and play files from NAS

Polytropon freebsd at
Tue Dec 24 06:25:49 UTC 2013

On Mon, 23 Dec 2013 20:15:55 +0100, Kenneth Hatteland wrote:
> I have a desktop with 10.0 RC2 installed. On the network I have a WD 
> Mybook live 3TB NAS drive. Right now it is CIFS protocol I use to 
> connect to it. I have a problem playing mp3 files, watching movies and 
> opening pictures stored on the NAS from FreeBSD machines. It goes black 
> or does not start. On my ubuntu machines on the same system it functions 
> flawless. So I guess I am missing something. Anyone have a clue ?

Yes, this is a DRM copy protection implemented in CIFS intended
to annoy you for not using proper NFS access. :-)

No, honestly: It seems that you can can access files per se, right?
The drive is mounted and files show up, but opening causes some
errors. In regards of video files ("go black" or "won't start")
it might be a missing codec. What media player do you have installed,
and does it have all the codecs enabled? I usually recommend using
mplayer, and if you insist, with the gmplayer and skins added. For
playing MP3 files, the same concept applies. Try something simple
for diagnostics, like mpg123. Also make sure the mixer is set so
you actually _hear_ something. Oh, and to start at a lower level,
make sure your sound card is working. For image files... this is
where things get interesting. There should be no restriction that
prevents you from seeing them - except the actual image data isn't
delivered properly.

Here are some commands that you can try:

% mount
(to see where the CIFS drive is mounted, just to make sure)

% stat /mnt/cifs/path/to/some/file
(can the file be accessed?)

% cp /mnt/cifs/path/to/some/file /dev/null
(can the file be read?)

% display /mnt/cifs/path/to/some/image.png
(can the image be shown? requires ImageMagic)

% mixer
(is the volume set?)

% mpg123 /mnt/cifs/path/to/some/music.mp3
(does MP3 play with a simple tool? requires mpg123)

% mplayer /mnt/cifs/path/to/some/movie.avi
(does video play? requires mplayer + codecs)

If this all works at a "low level", the problem might be within
a desktop environment. You should provide more details about the
programs you're using and what you have already tried to diagnose
the problem (usually with command examples and their output).
Accessing files from a NAS, even when using CIFS instead of NFS,
should not be a problem. :-)

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