Desktop system fails to show and play files from NAS

Andre Goree andre at
Mon Dec 23 20:56:00 UTC 2013

On 12/23/2013 2:15 pm, Kenneth Hatteland wrote:
> I have a desktop with 10.0 RC2 installed. On the network I have a WD
> Mybook live 3TB NAS drive. Right now it is CIFS protocol I use to
> connect to it. I have a problem playing mp3 files, watching movies and
> opening pictures stored on the NAS from FreeBSD machines. It goes
> black or does not start. On my ubuntu machines on the same system it
> functions flawless. So I guess I am missing something. Anyone have a
> clue ?
> THX, Kenneth

This could be a lot of things.  You should start with basics (my 
apologies if you've already confirmed such) and make sure that you can 
read the files at all after having mounted the cifs share.  Try running 
an arbitrary command on one of the files via CLI; something like the 
following should do:

"file /path/to/share/[file]"

If you get any sort of output other than the type of file you happened 
to run the command on (the "file" command outputs the file type and 
other useful info), then report back with the output and we should be 
able to go further.

If you're sure the share is mounted correctly and you can run arbitrary 
commands on the files in the share, but just not in the GUI, then let us 
know which GUI programs you're using when trying to access the files.  
Or, (even better), open a terminal window and run the program from CLI, 
so that you can see the output (should show errors, etc.).

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