[10.0RC2] partition labels during install

Mike. the.lists at mgm51.com
Sun Dec 22 19:02:50 UTC 2013

> > So now I have the question --- what is the purpose of
> > me to type in labels during the install process?  Where do
> > "show up" after the install is complete?
> Only generic labels show up in /dev/label.  GPT labels show up
> /dev/gpt, filesystem labels show up elsewhere depending on
type.  See 
> glabel(8).  Also, be aware that GEOM will hide some labels
when a device 
> is mounted.
> As for why bsdinstall does not use them, I don't know.  My
guess would 
> be that it's desired but not yet implemented.  There are
> complicating factors like the multiple types and locations of
> GPT labels, the least-intrusive kind, are only available on
> partitioned with GPT.

OK, I looked and did not see anything under /dev/ufs or

I'll use glabel outside of the bsdinstall process to put labels
on the partitions.  I've used that process on another box, and
it works fine.

Many thanks for the prompt reply.

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