[10.0RC2] partition labels during install

Warren Block wblock at wonkity.com
Sun Dec 22 16:17:40 UTC 2013

On Sun, 22 Dec 2013, Mike. wrote:

> I just installed 10.0RC2 on a test notebook (dmesg at the end of
> this message) to start becoming familiar with the changes it
> brings.
> During the install, while I was in the Guided partitioning part
> of the install, I specified a label for each of the partitions
> to be created.  (I suspect this feature was available in earlier
> versions, but this is the first time I've used it)


> Hmmm... so then I checked to see if the labels had been created
> in /dev
> # ls -al /dev/lab*
> ls: /dev/lab*: No such file or directory

> So now I have the question --- what is the purpose of allowing
> me to type in labels during the install process?  Where do they
> "show up" after the install is complete?

Only generic labels show up in /dev/label.  GPT labels show up in 
/dev/gpt, filesystem labels show up elsewhere depending on type.  See 
glabel(8).  Also, be aware that GEOM will hide some labels when a device 
is mounted.

As for why bsdinstall does not use them, I don't know.  My guess would 
be that it's desired but not yet implemented.  There are several 
complicating factors like the multiple types and locations of labels. 
GPT labels, the least-intrusive kind, are only available on disks 
partitioned with GPT.

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