connecting servers on lan to internet

Frank Leonhardt frank2 at
Tue Dec 17 02:37:46 UTC 2013

On 16/12/2013 23:12, Al Plant wrote:
> I need to connect 1 mail server, 1 web server to the internet. All 
> running FreeBSD.
> Currently all servers are on ADM circuit with different IPS.( Like one 
> other recent post the cable speed rate has been lowered to where the 
> servers  don't up load any more.)  Luckly we will have Fiber Optic 
> cable coming to our lane this March. I want to put the servers behind 
> the router a (FreeBSD) PF firewall on the single telco line with its 
> own IP to make sure the DNS etc works from there before the telco 
> Fiber optic cable gets here.
> If I NAT the two servers to the lan and direct the DNS to the single 
> line IP will that work?

Hi AL,

What you're trying to do is certainly possible. Taking a guess as to 
what your setup might be, you'll need need a natd.conf (or whatever you 
decide to call it) that looks something like this:

interface rl0

redirect_port tcp    25
redirect_port tcp    80
redirect_port tcp  443

The first line is the interface name (realtek in this case). The mail 
server is on and the web server is on 201. Pretty simple. 
I assume you've got natd (and dhcpd) working anyway, so you've done the 
hard bit. I guess you just need confirmation that it will definitely do 
what you want.

Regards, Frank.

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