connecting servers on lan to internet

Al Plant noc at
Mon Dec 16 23:19:57 UTC 2013


I need to connect 1 mail server, 1 web server to the internet. All 
running FreeBSD.

Currently all servers are on ADM circuit with different IPS.( Like one 
other recent post the cable speed rate has been lowered to where the 
servers  don't up load any more.)  Luckly we will have Fiber Optic cable 
coming to our lane this March. I want to put the servers behind the 
router a (FreeBSD) PF firewall on the single telco line with its own IP 
to make sure the DNS etc works from there before the telco Fiber optic 
cable gets here.

If I NAT the two servers to the lan and direct the DNS to the single 
line IP will that work?

FWIW the Fiber Optic line is actualy higher speed for less cost that I 
pay for one of my 2 copper lines.


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