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Mon Dec 16 19:21:35 UTC 2013

On Mon, 16 Dec 2013 18:57:46 -0000, g8kbvdave at wrote:
> I'm currently stuck, trying to get them, so I can enable PPS support in 
> the kernel.   The old "sysinstall" seems broken, in as much as it cant 
> seem to download anything from anywhere.

The sysinstall program isn't significant anymore. :-)

> Where as, the newer "bsdinstall" program, want's to reformat the hard 
> drive and start over each time!

Great. :-)

> So...
> How do I get the system sources downloaded in a usable form, so I can 
> enable pps support in the kernel and use that.  Or, do I have to trash the 
> system and start over(again?)

You can easily use ftp to download the sources for -RELEASE
from (select architecture and version according
to what you have installed). It's a .txz compressed archive
which you can extract into /usr/src.

You could also install svn (Subversion) and use that to
obtain the sources. This is what csup (CVS) has been used
in the past.

> I can understand that with third party 
> sites, but not the main FreeBSD handbook or other pages.

The documentation is now maintained as a port.

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