No System sources?

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Mon Dec 16 18:57:51 UTC 2013

Hi All.

I'm asking this in a few places, so appologies if you see it elsewhere 

FreeBSD 9.2, base install up and running on a Dell Optiplex GX110, that 
has a 40G hard drive, 384Meg of RAM, as well as it's P3/666MHz cpu.

With some minor tweaks to the shell, so the command line prompt follows me 
arround the directory structure, after following the guide at:-

I then a day later, installed a later version of ntp, that is now up and 
running, sync'ing to internet time.   (But my goal, is to use a GPS 
reciever for it's reference, with the 'net as a fallback.)

I have all the needed hardware, and used to have just such a think running 
on a FBSD8.0 box.

But that commited suicide a few months ago.  (MoBo hardware failure, that 
now prevents any OS, other than DOS to install!)

However, I failed to notice that by default(?) the FBSD9.x system sources 
are not installed.   So...

I'm currently stuck, trying to get them, so I can enable PPS support in 
the kernel.   The old "sysinstall" seems broken, in as much as it cant 
seem to download anything from anywhere.

Where as, the newer "bsdinstall" program, want's to reformat the hard 
drive and start over each time!

I'm sort of reluctant to let it do that.

How do I get the system sources downloaded in a usable form, so I can 
enable pps support in the kernel and use that.  Or, do I have to trash the 
system and start over(again?)

It seems (also, again) that all the documentation is some way behind even 
the stable release versions.  I can understand that with third party 
sites, but not the main FreeBSD handbook or other pages.

Sorry for the bother...

Regards All.

Dave B.


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