dhcpd static binding problem

Frank Leonhardt frank2 at fjl.co.uk
Tue Dec 3 15:20:43 UTC 2013

On 03/12/2013 15:04, Maciej Milewski wrote:
> On 03.12.2013 15:32, Frank Leonhardt wrote:
>> I wasn't! It was a typo and it was cut/pasted so subsequent entries,
>> so thanks for spotting it as it's been driving me crazy.
>> Next questions (assuming it now works):
>> How come WINDOWXP-PC did get the address Very weird.
> Maybe that's windows fallback address, if you had earlier range up to
> 199 and windows got 194? Maybe after reconfiguration dhcpd wasn't
> restared? I have no more ideas.
>> How come dhcpd didn't complain; even when I ran it with the -t option
>> to check the config file, and the -d option to explain exactly what it
>> was doing. Of course I didn't want to assign 192.16*9*.1.229, but I
>> can't see why it didn't just do what I asked OR complain it was
>> illegal? Just silently ignoring it wasn't very helpful.
>> Regards, Frank.
> I admit that's silence isn't helpful but have no idea if there is other
> option. That's one of the services set-and-forget :)

You were quite correct - it was ignoring the out-of-range static address 
for some reason. I fixed the one for the Windows XP and picks up any 
address I give it. I guess it just kept asking for its dynamic address 
when it renewed, which it must have stored on disk over several weeks of 
being turned off, and was just lucky to get it back whenever it asked.

Of course, once I'd cut/pasted the MAC from the arp cache to make really 
sure I didn't have any typos in there(!) I started looking through logs 
for a complicated reason - so thanks again for spotting the typo. I 
guess httpd isn't as smart as I though it was. (Unless anyone has a 
reason why this "ignore mistake" behaviour is desirable).

Thanks, Frank.

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