Pre-sales question

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Sun Aug 18 23:37:05 UTC 2013

I would like to know if your freebsd OS 9.1 suite on CD(DVD) can be installed, and then run, on a Dell Inspiron 531S? I looked-over your website, and did
+not see a citation for that specific PC (though I did see it for others).

> For your reference, my PC has a AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual core processor 3800+ 2.01 GHz. The operating system on it right now (Vista) is 32-bit. The PC can
> have up to 4GB of RAM. I have a 80GB Hard drive on it right now. I would like to "hitch" it to the PC using a USB cable.

> If version 9.1 does run on that machine, then I may order a copy for myself.

> Glen Peterson
> Cedarburg, WI.
> PetersonTR at

You can go to and download iso files for FreeBSD amd64 and i386.

You can download FreeBSD 9.1 or the newest release candidate for 9.2 (now RC2) and install from CD or DVD.

Is that 80GB hard drive currently in the PC? 


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