Kernel Modules Documentation?

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Tue Apr 30 14:07:17 UTC 2013

On 30 April 2013 09:39, Walter Hurry <walterhurry at> wrote:

> FreeBSD 9.1 on amd64.
> I have a list of about 220 kernel modules and would like to find out what
> they do, or are for (none has a man page). I suspect that many of them
> are drivers for particular devices.
> Is there any resource or documentation available?
> Thanks.
> P.S. Here are the first few:
> ahc_eisa
> ahc_isa
> ahc_pci
> alias_cuseeme
Yes, the modules names aren't always exactly
the man page name.  Stubborn & inventive
use of apropos & locate (& reading through
stuff in /usr/src/sys/modules/ ) can help, but
not everything is obvious.

ahc(4) covers the first few.

libalias(3) appears to be the only thing to even
parenthetically mentions cuseeme (NB I didn't
run grep over the whole dang filesystem, though).

Most of the if_something are under something(4).

For the geom_blahblah, see if it's covered by something
mentioned in the SEE ALSO sexion of geom(8) or geom(4).

Good luck.


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