memstick serial console install is completely illegible ... am I doing something wrong ?

Jason Usher jusher71 at
Tue Apr 30 04:12:41 UTC 2013

I have the latest 9.1-RELEASE memstick image burned to a USB drive.

I boot from that and connect to my device with a serial console.  At some point, the installer asks me what terminal emulation I am using - I choose vt100.

But then things go to hell ...

I am not complaining that the screen draw is a bit weird, or that a lot of weird characters are used, etc. ... my problem is that I cannot even interact with it properly.  The up and down arrows seem to be interpreted as <enter>, which makes choosing menu items impossible ... the partition editor is completely unusable since it is getting drawn all over the screen and I can't use the up and down arrow keys ...

I thought vt100 would be the safest choice - what am I doing wrong here ?

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