In private negotiations we placed commodities & products, in the short term.

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For your convenience, we recommend use the hyperlinks "internals / externals" (highlighted in blue). The e-mail hyperlinks, leads to documents hosted at online server: "Skydrive". For some translations, we use and recommend "Google translate":

I'm Jorge Magnani business presentation, hyperlink leads to Skydrive / read time -3 min: We as alternatively to the investment in "formal markets / ON the market" example "New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)" & in turn as "cover / guard" to the depreciation in strong currencies (dólar / euro / yen) = consolidated inflation, we propose our "know how" to produce profits via THE PRIVATE TRADE OF COMMODITIES & PRODUCTS (technology, manufacturing, so on). 

For an automatic classification of your e-mail, please clicking on the option indicated: a) I request transactions to buy, b) I want sell my production, c) I want to be a facilitator for purchases and sales & d) I dont want to receive more information.

As the most safe "investment vehicle" and on a global stage, we propose at "buyers / investors" obtain profits via wholesale buying of commodities & products: THE OBJETIVE IS PRODUCE A DIFFERENTIAL WITH AN RESALE / PLACEMENT IN PRIVATE MARKETS; With proper application of technology / financial structure for global interconnection of XXI century, we propose the return at the origin of global trade "the interchanges round the world via continental travels". 

Summarizing part of our innovation, after configure each negotiation: we can simplify and ensure effective results for all private transactions of commodities & products. Via agreements with warranty companies legally authorized & registered we configure fast negotiations to be operated via digital means, the innovation this in incorporate an interchange simple & sure for the "funds / product". The wholesale sales in which we apply our "know how" have the interchange guaranteed via "Trust law accounts" in HSBC U.K or Bank of America (BAC), with the highest standard for security: is very easy generate acceptance in "private markets". More info hyperlinks leads to Skydrive: "safety / effectiveness" at 100 % for each interchange "funds / product" (read time -5 min) / From this way, we form trends for "buy / sell" (read time -5 min)

Continuously we invite the big players in the commodities markets, to offer their production via our BETA period (free trial); To begin with the "due diligence" prior to processing each "configuration / programming" initial, we must to know: a) if seller is in conditions and has interest to sell "spots", in global markets including the services for "Cost Insurance & Freight (CIF)" / the shipping solely is effected, with funds blocked & conditioned to the verification of product and b) if seller is in conditions and has interest to sell "spots" via private agreements for wholesales, with discount "chord its ticker price" example: LBMA for sell gold, WTI / Brent for sell oil / derivates & Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) for the rest of commodities. 

IMPORTANT: So that together we evaluate profitability for sell part of their commodities via our "know how", please reply this e-mail with the detail of: characteristics, quantity, discount & an generic SPA (terms / conditions). While we can work in two directions, including the facilitating of commodities that seller have need to buy; Mainly we are interested to incorporate new suppliers for increase sales via our "know how". Among several benefits: the seller may be part the current trend for the XXI century, carrying its production at new markets via a great quantity of global operators in position "homesourcing".

By any suggestion, questions or clarification; Please contact with us, we are interested know your opinion. Our challenge: provide in each negotiation by digital means, interchanges "funds / product" with levels of simplicity and effectiveness, similar to those in formal markets = without leaving your desktop via digital means, subscribers have secure and effective results. We invite to be part of the experience XP Version 2.0 (V 2.0), together we can build the future of private negotiation. Kind regards, thanks for trusting in our systems (As)sessor Jorge Magnani. J.Magna / Beta V2 in social networks: / "Give us I Like" on Facebook: 

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