[ZFS] recover destroyed zpool - what are the available options?

Volodymyr Kostyrko c.kworr at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 10:39:26 UTC 2013

09.04.2013 06:51, Beeblebrox:
> Exported the existing zpool & ran # zpool import -D -f -R /bsdr -N -F -X
> 12018916494219117471 rescue =>
> Same result unfortunately. 'cannot import 'bsdr' as 'rescue': no such pool
> or dataset Destroy and re-create the pool from a backup source.'
> I tried the other bsdr zpool as well but result was same error msg.
> I feel like I'm overlooking something very simple...

You can try adding verbosity:


If ZFS doesn't think the pool is eligible to import you are out of luck. 
You can put the disk aside till some sofwtare for data recovering from 
damaged ZFS emerges.

Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow.

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